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Sunday, May 23, 2010


Do I have a learning problem?

If you are disappointed with your academic functioning, or having difficulty with a particular academic tasks, like reading, you may be questioning if you have a learning problem. If you read more slowly than others, have to re-read often to understand, or spend a lot more time studying than other students, you might have a significant learning problem.

We all learn differently and there are many stages in the learning process where things might go wrong. Many factors may affect success in an academic environment in addition to specific study skills. Some of the factors that may affect learning outcomes include: motivation, study skills, concentration, and emotional factors like test anxiety. The severity of learning problems can vary greatly. One student may need to become better organized in order to succeed, another might learn to study differently for different kinds of tests and another might have a learning disability that requires specific coping strategies or accommodations.

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